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Hair Loss in Older Women

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• If you lose hair when washing?

• If you lose hair after washing or when brushing your hair?

• If you feel your hair is generally thinning?

• If you feel your hair is thinning, but don't notice any hair loss?

We Can Help Improve Your Self-Esteem and Feel More Confident.

Age does not mean you have to give up on your hair. Whatever age you are, whether you're a woman over 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 80, it's never too late to look after your hair.

Beatrice from Cardiff, says:
'I was so looking forward to using your products after speaking to you on the phone, you gave me confidence to go on to try your amazing products for the treatment of dry itchy scalp and lifeless thinning hair, at 75 I thought it was age related and I would just have to put up with it, thank you so much for saying just try it you will be amazed, after 2 days treatment I can only say I certainly am. I cant wait to see results after weeks and months so thank you again so much.'


If your hair is thin, fine, dull, limp and lifeless, this can have a detrimental affect on your quality of life and really get you down. You may feel embarrassed, self-conscious and unattractive. 

You can make the very best of what you have. 

By getting the right advice, guidance and treatments for you and specifically for Hair Loss in Older Women and Thinning Hair in Older Women, your hair, confidence and quality of life can be vastly improved. 

We are Specialists in Treating Hair Loss in Older Women and Thinning Hair in Older Women, with over 30 years successful clinic experience. 

For Your Convenience we have brought this expertise to you Online, by Phone, by Email in the comfort of your own home or workplace. There's no need to travel, there's no need for time off.

We would love for you to become another satisfied long term happy customer like Judith and Jean and build a lasting on going relationship with you, by providing you with the healthiest head of hair possible and support where needed. 

Judith from Surrey, says:
'I first received treatment in 1997. The service has always been exceptional. I have used Hairology products for 15 years and won't ever go back to any other!'

Jean from Bucks, says:
'With regular treatments hair re-growth quickly followed. I now feel more confident, & thanks to Hairology, can face the world again.'

To achieve the best results, treatments should be used regularly and consistently for a minimum of 3 to 12 months depending on the severity of your condition, as there are no 'overnight miracle cures' and results may vary.

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Hair Loss in Older Women, Thinning Hair in Older Women

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