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Testimonials - Hairology - Best Hair Loss Treatment - Hair & Scalp Specialist.

Happy Couple with Healthy Hair thanks to Hairology.

Our intention at Hairology is to provide you with a healthy head of hair and a problem free scalp. This can often take time and commitment, but the results will speak for themselves.


Read what some of our clients say.

We have the solution for you to achieve a
Healthier Head of Hair and a Problem Free Scalp and
help you FEEL More Confident.

George from Kent, says:

'I had been suffering with dandruff for over 10 years and it was starting to have an impact on my life. I had been to the Doctors and received medicated shampoo and I had also tried every prevention method possible. Therefore, I finally decided to look into seeing a specialist. I researched online and was very fortunate to find Hairology.

I received a extremely personable service and was more than happy after my telephone consultation to proceed with the carefully chosen Hairology products best suited for my condition. The products were delivered promptly and I was able to use the products within two days after my first consultation.

I was then dandruff free within three days of using the products. The products are easy and enjoyable to use and most importantly are extremely effective. I would recommend Hairology to anyone suffering from Dandruff.'

Danni from Cornwall, says:

Hiya, I'm really good thank you, my hair has stopped shredding completely now and it's growing back very fast and thick. Thanks for your products. Danni :)

Nicola from Bristol, says:

'I have nothing but positive things to say about Hairology. I came across the website this year whilst searching the internet for solutions to hair thinning/loss and Hairology stood out due to their acclaimed experience & focus on customer service. I have found this to be 100 percent the case. Hairology provide an extremely helpful, knowledgable and professional service and clearly take a real pride in their customer relations.

Products always arrive extremely promptly and are very pleasant to use (I just love the smell of the volumising conditioner!). I have been particularly impressed by Hairology’s bespoke service. Not only have Hairology advised me on the specific products that should achieve the best results for my hair, they have also been able to offer practical suggestions for me to adopt to help reduce my condition. So far, my personal battle with hair loss has been going in the right direction thanks to Hairology’s advice and through persevering with their products.

Hair loss is not an easy condition to live with being a female under 30, but having such a knowledgable, friendly service as Hairology to turn to has been a real help. Hairology genuinely care for their customers. Thanks Hairology!'

Agnese from London, says:

'I love the shampoo as i start recognizing my hair again. It is more bouncy and lively. I am happy how my hair feels. My weekend was not too good as i was working :-( but i am happy about my hair. And of course you can share the comments, why not let people know about great hair treatment. Have a lovely day, Agnese.'

Bruce from Berkshire, says:

'Many years ago I had a seriously tender and itchy scalp. This came on rather suddenly and I sought the help of health professionals. Well both my GP and the consultant he sent me too were useless beyond belief and basically said I had to live with the condition. I was at my wits end as the irritation was extreme. Then I found Hairology. With direction from them and use of their products I have found total relief and still do after many years. They have been life savers.'

Andy from Surrey, says:

'I have been using Hairology products for some years now and have forgotten (thank goodness!) what state my hair and scalp used to be. I have forgotten the vast array of products that i tried and rejected.

I have forgotten how much time was spent on-line looking for just an improvement, let alone any form of cure. It was nothing serious, just a very itchy and flaky scalp and could never wear anything dark.

What I have not forgotten is that I never want to go back to those flakey days, so hopefully I will not forget to keep re-ordering. Not every product can ever work for everybody, but you have something pretty near perfect here. Don't change things!'

Dee from Berkshire, says:

'I have been usIng HaIrology Products for about 7 years and have always found them to be the best for my haIr & scalp, as I suffered a terrIble allergIc reactIon and couldn't use anythIng on my head, even the mIldest of products or anythIng gIven to me from my doctor.

HaIrology's shampoo and condItIoner were the only products that dIdn't IrrItate or aggravate my head and left my head feelIng fantastIc!

Sadly due to unforseen economIcs, I had to stop usIng them for the past 2 years, somethIng I now regret and I have realIsed was a terrIble mIstake.

I thought It would be more economIcal to buy good well known but cheaper branded products, and dId so for the past 2 years, sadly, thIs was not the case. I have just put In the bIn all the bottles of shampoo & condItIoners that I had purchased sInce last usIng HaIrology Products, I have counted over 12 bottles that I have thrown away. Each of these bottles cost me approx. £8 plus to buy and every one of them has only about an Inch of product used from the bottle, as they clearly dId not suIt me and caused IrrItatIon to my scalp.

I have just gone back to usIng my orIgInal HaIrology shampoo and condItIoner, whIch at a prIce of £50 for both and lastIng me approx. 6 months, actually represents themselves to beIng a bIt of a bargaIn.

I spent a lot of money on all these so called great products thInkIng they were savIng me money, but as you can clearly see thIs wasn't the case.

I have no hesItatIon In recommendIng HaIrology and theIr products, even If you do not have a bIg haIr or scalp problem, you wIll fInd them to be excellent and the servIce Is second to none.

I certaInly won't be usIng anythIng else from now on.'

Andy from Surrey, says:

'Hi, Apologies for not replying to your earlier email. Thank you for that and your customer service – as ever, is fantastic and much appreciated. Our Utilities and Banking “friends” could learn a lot from you guys !'

Nicola from Bristol, says:

'Thanks (as always) for sending out so quickly. Happy Easter!'

Sandra from Scotland, says:

'Can you please send me a bottle of the scalp lotion. Improvement is still ongoing so I'm very pleased.'

Jill from Gloustershire, says:

'Thankyou, yes, I received the products yesterday and have used them this morning, so psychologically, if nothing else, I feel better for doing something positive to improve the situation.  I will let you know how I get on when I've given the products time to do their work! Thankyou for your attentiveness. All the best. Jill '

M from Bedfordshire, says:

'Hi! Just a few words to say ‘thank you’. I am glad to say I found Hairology while researching my serious hair loss on the Internet, they explained that my problem is Alupecia – that was really scary, but they were very patient and it was great to find someone who understood the problem.  They recommended several products and they arrived incredibly quickly.  I have only been using the lotions for a few weeks, much too soon to expect miracles, but the products are very easy to use, they last a surprisingly long time and my hair is now in excellent condition.  I have every confidence that my problem will start to improve before too long and I want to thank Hairology for their patience and excellent friendly advice.'

Gemma from Essex, says:

'Thank you for the products - it seriously is so kind of you. I really do appreciate everything you've done for me. Huge thank you for your wonderful words - if anything i want it to work for you too so you've got another great case study to show how great your products are. I love your shampoos and conditioners and would never stop using them.'

Nicola from Bristol, says:

'Hi, Thanks for your email. Yes I received my lotion ok. Thanks you, as always, for sending it out so quickly. Best wishes.'

Iryna from Sussex, says:

'Hi, Thank you so much for giving me a discount on your hair products. I have found them to be very effective and my hair looks much healthier and has more body. I am often been tempted to use supermarket products, but now realise although they may be some what cheaper are not as effective. Hair is one of the most important parts of a persons physical and psychological well being and the condition of your hair greatly depends on the products used. Iryna'

Phillipa from London, says:

'Just a quick line to say the products arrived safely today. Many thanks for the discount. Very much appreciated.'

Nicola from Bristol, says:

'Hi, Thanks for your email. Yes my scalp is much better and my hair does seem to be getting stronger. I will order some of the Regrowth solution tomorrow, since I have been really impressed with the products so far. Best wishes.'

Gemma from Essex, says:

'Hi, yes all better - hair still gettin me down on and off but it feels lovely and soft and has a lovely shine to it which people comment on. The hair mask is lovely - have been using it once a week (when i have time to put it on and leave it in for over half hr and then wash off as normal).'

Andy from Surrey, who says:

'Hi, Thank you for your continued interest. Yes, to be honest, the scalp is better in that it is less itchy, although the flaking is still there. If the hair is washed every day then that helps. If I leave it two days I notice the “deterioration” and that is further evident if left a third day etc. So in essence, it is better, but still some way to go and there does seem to be the need to wash each day.

That is not a problem for me as in my 50’s and slightly thinning thus keeping my hair short, means I can do this with little effort etc.
Obviously still impressed with the concentration of the shampoo itself – only half way through the bottle, although the conditioner will run out earlier.
All in all, I think you will have a repeat customer here !:) Regards Andy.'

Peter from Ireland, says:

'My scalp has always been liable to dry itchiness and your shampoo and conditioner keeps it healthy in a way no proprietary brand has ever been able to do. I have been using Hairology products for many years, since 1990 in fact, they are in my experience indespensible to healthy hair and scalp. I mean every word! All the best.'

Gemma from Essex, says:

'I just wanted to say a huge thank you. You've brought my hair back to life. If your going to buy any shampoo its this one. I've bought many top branded hair products but this is the best by far. I had cancer and my hair came back so fine with a few patches near my crown that never grew back. I was put onto the lotions and shampoo/conditioner and my hair is starting to regrow bit by bit. Its a long haul process but i'm seeing results which is all i want. The customer care is second to none. I can contact them via email or phone and they always get back to me - even on weekends and evenings! I really cant tell you how amazing this product is.'

Nicola from Bristol, says:

'Hi, Yes I received the masque today, thank you. Looking forward to trying it. My hair already seems shinier just after a few days of using the shampoo & conditioner. Best wishes.'

This is a reply to our courtesy follow up email, sent just one week after products were received, from Andy from Surrey, who says:

'Hi, Well probably a bit too soon to pass judgement.
Am using every other day – shampoo and conditioner.
Certainly less itching and irritation.
Perhaps a little less dandruff at this stage, but based on your information on line, I was not expecting a massive improvement so soon.
I am impressed with its (shampoo) concentration. Considering it is so expensive, it helps that only a small amount lathers up very strongly (or perhaps it my lack of hair!)
I will revert back to you next week. Thanks for your attention. Regards.'

Sharon from Norfolk, says:

'Hi, Thanks for the email. Poppys hair is doing great! It's growing back now and really thickening up. I have no idea what happened to her hair when it fell out but your products, conditioner especially has turned it around. I will ring you probably in a week or 2 as I'll need some more conditioner and probably shampoo this time too.  The shampoo lasts for ages as! Thanks Sharon.'

Fiona from Somerset, says:


Linda from Lincolnshire, says:

'I think it must be just over 3 months since I started using the products and I am happy to say that I have seen a marked improvement in my hair. Hair loss during washing seems to have reduced and I have not really experienced any scalp problems at all.  The condition of my hair has also improved - it now looks more as it previously did and is no longer dull and lifeless.  I will certainly continue to use the products for another 3 months and review again at this point. Thanks.'

Alex from Switzerland, says:

'Thank you for keeping my scalp healthy - no other products come close.'

Fiona from Somerset, says:


Sharon from Norfolk, syas:

'Hi, We're good thanks and Poppys hair is looking fabulous thanks to your excellent products! Really really looking forward to Christmas :). Will be in touch in the new year for some more products.  Have an excellent Christmas and New Year. Speak to you sooon.'

Josie from Dorset, says:

'I am getting on fine, my hair is much improved in texture and shine and feels bouncy . the lifeless lank locks have all but gone .I would like to thank you for endeavouring to save my pride and my sanity. Many Thanks.'

Laura from Bucks, says:

'Hair is now falling out less and less thank goodness.'

Linda from Lincolnshire, says:

'Thanks.  Still using the products and seeing improvements.  About a month since initial purchase so will look to continue for 3 - 6 months as suggested and then review again. Thanks.'

Seema from Middx, says:

'I've been using hairology products for over 10 years now on and off they are the best products that I have ever used they work on my hair brilliantly and you see results with them, my hair feels alot more softer and manageable with the shampoo and conditioner and the lotions have made my hair stronger and I have started to get re-growth in all my alopecia patches. I would not use any other product on my hair because I know I am geting what I pay for and I know as a customer for over 10 years that hairology products do actually work in time if used correctly.'


Sharon from Norfolk, says:

'Outstanding customer service and truly excellent products! I think you should promote the fact that these are child friendly products. The packaging looks very adult and could therefore be misleading. You have transformed my daughters hair of which I am truly grateful. :)'

Eden from Sussex, says:

'Really good service, they are very knowledgable. I use the shampoo on the kids as well. My wife is amazed by the results.'

Paul from Bucks, says:

'Excellent product has brought under control long standing scalp problem after 5-6 months.'

Jane from Sussex, says:

'Very nice personal service with extremely quick response. Thanks.'

Mary from Bucks, says:

'My hair loss stopped almost immediately I started using the products and new hair grew in on top of my head. Hairology said it would take 6 - 8 months for my hair to improve and that was absolutely true.'

Phillipa from London
, says:

'Progress so far!!. The condition of my hair has definitely improved - easier to manage and more shiny. My hairdresser noticed before I told him I was using a new product. There is far more lift at the roots which means I can minimize blow drying - just a little at the ends. I don't know if that means there is more hair at root level?

The comb is brilliant - don't know how I ever managed without it. It's made me realise just how harsh my other brushes and combs were on my hair.

I wouldn't expect to notice any increase in density at this stage, but so far so good. Many thanks'

Judith from Surrey, says:

'I first received treatment in 1997. The service has always been exceptional. I have used Hairology products for 15 years and won't ever go back to any other!'

Claire from Middx
, says:

'I have been using your shampoo for the past 6 years! In that time I haven't found anything to come close to it! It is the absolute very best and I wouldn't use anything else again! Thank you.'

Em from Suffolk, says:

'I said it before and I'm saying it again.... Your shampoos and conditioners cannot be beaten. Can I please have a bottle of each.'

Janet from Hull, says:

'Since losing my hair three years ago. I have been using your products, and found them very good. My hair has improved, and the condition has improved. I have had great support if I have any problems, and follow up support. I will continue to use your products, and tell my friends and family.'

Eden from Sussex, says:

'I had suffered a dry scalp for over a year and a hairdresser recommended me to Hairology. All I can say is what fantastic service, always helpful and the products are working very well. Yes, they are fairly expensive but they are quality products that work. My hair is the best its been in a long time.'

Mary from Bucks, says:

'It is now nearly six months since I came across the Hairology advertisement in 'Elite' and my starting to use Hairlogy products. There was an immediate improvement in that the hair loss ceased and new hair started growing in. Overall I have recently noticed how much stronger my hair is and that I can brush my hair without the worry of any fallout. I am really pleased. Thank you Hairology!'

Marilyn from Suffolk, says:

'Now on my 4th month of Hairology treatments and am beginning to see a major improvement. No hair loss at all and thinning patches beginning to fill in. Even my hairdresser has commented on how my hair is recovering. I have ditched the dark dyes and am looking forward to seeing how my hair evolves now that it is no longer coloured, coarse and thinning. Hairology products definitely work, of that there is no doubt. It is possible to spend pounds on products that are out there promising the earth, and before Hairology I had tried most of them. I will stick with what I know is the best possible treatment for my hair and am delighted to recommend Hairology.'

Donna from Devon, says:

‘Thank you for sending me your wonderful products. I can’t believe it has been eleven years since I first contacted you. At that time my scalp was unbearably itchy and flaky. The doctor had prescribed lots of different lotions, shampoos and creams some of which contained steroids and some of which were very smelly! None of which made much improvement. I noticed a difference from the first wash with your products and all my skin problems were rectified in a matter of weeks. Two weeks after receiving your products the itching and flaking has dramatically reduced and for the first time in over 6 months I can get a comb through my hair! I can only tell you how grateful I am for your fantastic products.’

Ellis from Portugal, says:

‘It is now almost three years since I first went to Hairology with serious scalp problems that no prescribed or over the counter solutions could solve. In fact some of the remedies caused further problems. With the daily use of Hairology products there was an almost immediate improvement in the scalp condition to where I was able to wear dark suits without any concern about the flaking scalp, which had been an embarrassment for many years. I have continued to use Hairology products and have had no reoccurrence of the problems, in fact my scalp and hair are in excellent condition.’

Nehal from Nottingham, says:

'I am a woman in my thirties and I have had a lot of problems with my thinning hair and losing a lot of hair as well. For the past 5 years I used to surf the Internet to find products that would help me to reduce the hair loss and regrowth hair. Just 3 days ago i was surfing the Internet and typed how to reduce hair loss and came across a website hairology.

I sent them an email and got a response back straight away that they would call me in a couple of hours. On the website it clearly stated that for an in dept consultation they would charge £30 which I was ok with as I have paid a lot of money elsewhere to get a consultation.

I got a call back from them on the same day and the advice and the way they spoke was so good. They were polite, friendly, professionals giving good advice and knew exactly what they were talking about. They never pressurised me to buying any of the products and said it was my decision to go ahead or to leave it. I did my research on the products and was impressed with the comments people were giving so decided to give it a shot. I spent £300 on my first order and within 3 days I went and spent a further £600 as I was so impressed with the hairology products. The shampoo feels so good on the hair and since I have fine hair I was resistant on the conditioner but when I used it I was so impressed as it did not way my hair down. My hair feels more of life and there is volume added to it as well. The hair fall is reducing as well and I have never felt this good before. It has improved my self esteem which has no price tag to it. The hairology products are worth each and every penny of it. I never thought i would be saying this so soon as I have had a lot of bad experience with other products in my life.

I have used everything there is for hair loss in the market from minoxil, nonogen, alpecin, salon shampoo that reduce hair loss, to even having nasty shakes that would stimulate hair growth but to my despair nothing ever worked. I have used all the above products for 6 months to see results as nothing works overnight but nothing worked. I have also gone to the extent of using a laser comb but that did not work either.

Hairology shampoo, conditioner, hair serum is the first product I have used which has delivered results for me in 3 days. Everyone is different and I am so impressed and happy that I have seen a big difference and the product has done wonders for me. I feel a lot happy and am so satisfied with the products. There is so much I would like to say about the products but the best I can say is that it is AAA++++ product and I think it is the best product for hair loss on the market.

The hairology customer service was really good as well. I had a few questions over the weekend and the team responded to my questions even on a Sunday. They were really good and are there for their customers as they say on their website.'

Janet from Hull, says:

'I am just writing this letter to say how impressed I have been with your HAIROLOGY SHAMPOO and the HAIROLOGY CONDITIONER and the SCALP LOTIONS.

I have suffered from hair loss caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I never thought I would get any improvement but my hair and scalp has improved from the first time I used your products.

It has made me feel more confident and, now that I have at last found a suitable product, I will continue with it and will be recommending it to my friends and my local Cancer Hospital.

It is also nice that I can phone you any time I want and you give me continued help and advice when needed.'

Ellen from London, says:

'Hairology the best thing I've heard of in years. Gentle & economical as so little is needed for a good lather with the shampoo. And for anyone like me who suffers with their scalps. The lotion & scalp mask are ideal. 10 out of 10.'

Andy from Surrey, says:

'Just a quick note to say thanks for the card and a very happy Christmas to you and your family business.
I know how tough it can be running a family business, having grown up in one (many years ago) and then running one some time back.
Still running my own business – although different content, and it can be incredibly hard to get the message through – especially when you know what you are offering or selling is so good.
It’s all about getting them through the door, and if what you have is that good, they won’t go away.
It has been a few years now since my days of bad hair, itching flaking and even bleeding scalp etc.
Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Google I came across Hairology and despite the fact that the cost was an initial shock, what you got for your money was worth it.
Then realised that how you used the products – sparingly, meant that they also became great value for money after all.
Little more to say really on the products. All I can add is that as long as I have hair I will have Hairology !
Keep up the good work and every success for 2015 !
Kind regards

Anna from Bucks, says:

'You provide excellent customer service and the products are of excellent quality and very beneficial.'

Julie from Cumbria, says:

'Dear all
I found the Hairology Website purely by accident after trawling though the Internet trying to find something to alleviate a serious problem. I had a colour put on my head which severly damaged my scalp and have been in pain for a year which I put up with, but then realised I was losing my hair. Traumatic for a women.

I contacted Hairology and was sent samples of various products which are amazing. The shampoos and conditioners are pure and gentle and the products to stop the hair falling out and to help with regrowth are really starting to help. I know I have a long way to go but am confident that these products will help restore normality.

HOWEVER, the most amazing thing about Hairology is the customer service. I have never in 55 years found such amazing and caring customer service as I do with this company and would highly recommend not only their products, but their unwavering kindness and attention to detail in everything that they do.

Thank you so much and I will be a customer for a long time now I am sure.' Kindest regards.

M from Bedfordshire, says:

'Dear Hairology

After our recent conversation, I thought it might help if I explain a few things.

About a year ago when I first felt I needed help, I tried the Internet and found the well known place in London, but I have to say I got no help there at all and would not consider contacting them again. I first spoke to a very off-hand lady and explained my problem, then she said someone would phone me back. Many hours later I gave up waiting and phoned again and explained, but this lady had no record of my call and was very little help at all.

I resorted to the Internet again and thought 2% Minoxidil might help, so have been using that for some while, but the problem was obviously not improving, which was when I resorted to the Internet again and thankfully I found Hairology.

You insisted on phoning back, which I thought was a very nice gesture, then you spent a long time asking questions and listened patiently to my answers. Then gave me advice, for which I am very grateful and now feel that at last I am getting the right treatment and that with time I hope my problem will be resolved, or at least prevented for getting any worse, which it had been doing for the past year.

I love your products, which last a surprisingly long time, the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair shiny and soft as silk, my hair has never been in such good condition.

You asked how often I washed my hair, which was once a week, I was horrified when you instructed me to wash my hair every couple of days and eventually do it everyday.

I know many ladies do now wash their hair every day, but for the past 50+ years I have worn my hair in a French pleat, I really don’t want to change that, but lovely soft silky hair does not lend itself to daily washing!!

I have been doing it every two/three days but I confess even that is a real pain, it takes a good hour and half to wash, set, and dry it, then I have to fight with my lovely soft shiny locks, to try and make them stay put!! By the third day, it is just about manageable – then I remember Hairology – think a few rude words, then wash it again!!!!

As I wash it, I do leave the shampoo on for a few minutes, then leave the conditioner on for a short while, before I lightly rinse it off, I hope that helps to counteract the lack of very regular washing!

I am very glad I found Hairology and I have every faith that in time my problem will be resolved.

With all best wishes and many thanks for your help,'

Em from Suffolk, says:

'I have now been using the Hairology Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Lotions for just over one month.  There is a huge difference to the condition and density of my hair.  Friends are commenting now, saying things like “have you had your hair done?” or “you look nice”, all of which are very welcome, since my self esteem had been diminishing, along with my hair!  I’ve had long and helpful conversations with them, they explained there are no overnight miracles, but from what I’ve seen myself over the last month, something of a miracle is taking place already!'

Marilyn from Suffolk, says:

'Hello again I have used the shampoo and conditioner for the last 3 days and Yes, it is far superior to my normal shampoo (Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs).  I have now bitten the bullet and ordered the full size Hair Loss and Thinning products.'

Beatrice from Cardiff, says:

'I was so looking forward to using your products after speaking to you on the phone, you gave me confidence to go on to try your amazing products for the treatment of dry itchy scalp and lifeless thinning hair, at 75 I thought it was age related and I would just have to put up with it, thank you so much for saying just try it you will be amazed, after2 days treatment i can only say I certainly am. I cant wait to see results after weeks and months so thank you again so much.'

Mary from Bucks, says:

'I commenced using Hairlogy shampoo and conditioner and scalp lotions on the 16 December 2011. I was really pleased with the difference in my hair immediately; it felt stronger and more manageable. My hair has been improving continuously and by the start of the New Year (just 3 weeks later) I was thrilled to see new hair growing along my parting and front hairline. Also, the hair at the back of my head appears thicker and fuller. This has given my confidence such a boost and I can now go without wearing a hat. It is great to know that at last I have found the right treatment for my hair.'

'My husband and I are fortunate to receive the monthly magazine "Elite Buckinghamshire" and whilst looking through the November issue I came across the Hairology advertisement. Because I have experienced hair loss on and off from the time I coloured it myself in my twenties using a permanent colour, I was immediately drawn to the advertisement, looked at the Hairology website with much interest and saved the magazine. Having used shampoo and conditioner designed for stronger hair I thought I would give that a try. However, things did not improve and a week ago, having had another look at the Hairology website,I went ahead and contacted Hairology. I was immediately contacted by a very helpful email and discussion, both of which gave me a lot of encouragement. From the excellent advice and information I was given, it is obvious that Hairology are real experts and I proceeded to purchase the required treatment. I have now used the complete range of products designed for my problem and I can already feel the difference in my hair; it feels stronger, has bounce and shine. Washing my hair daily and applying the products is not a chore; I now no longer wash my hair to make it look all right, but to make it look better, healthier and with more body. I am confident that improvement will continue as the next few months go by.'

'I have now used all the Hairology products for a day and a half and have certainly noticed a difference.   The 2 additional items sent are appreciated.  The comb is just right for combing through the conditioner and the bag is lovely.'

'I used the shampoo and conditioner this morning.  There is certainly a difference; hair is shinier and bouncy and feels really good.  Very encouraging.'

'Thank you for your very helpful email.  You obviously have a lot of knowledge on this topic and the information you give is very encouraging. I look forward to using your products.'

Alex from Switzerland, says:

'At the age of 23, my scalp was in a mess. I had frequent outbreaks of dandruff, an oily, itchy scalp with clogged follicles and - worst of all - my hair was thinning badly. Desperately searching for any sort of remedy, I stumbled upon Hairology's website and thought "why not give this a try?"

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Seven years later, I am fortunate enough to still have a healthy head of hair, with no itchy scalp and no dandruff in sight. Nothing I have ever tried (and I've tried more than a few...) can hold a candle to Hairology shampoo for cleansing and maintaining a healthy scalp. On several occasions I've temporarily stopped using it, just to see what would happen: the dandruff and itchiness return within a week, without fail. I will continue to use your shampoo for as long as it is available.

In a world full of false promises and disappointments, Hairology products offer genuine hope to anyone with thinning, damaged or unhealthy hair. Thank you for saving my scalp!'

Ellis from Portugal, says:

'I have just returned to using Hairology products for the dry skin and irritated skin condition.The results are immediate the scalp is already improving after just a weeks use. This shows how effective the products are if used in the correct way. Although I am partially bald the products have improved my bald area which has been subject to server sweat and sun in Portugal where we live. I would recommend Hairology products to anybody with a scalp or hair problem. I have used these products now for 10 years with success every time.'

Gwyneth from Wiltshire, says:

'I suffered for many years from a dry scaly scalp which did not respond to any treatments until I discovered Hairology products. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for the last 14 years and my scalp is healthy and my hair is shiny and in good condition.'

Maureen from Bucks
, says:

'My husband and i have been using Hairology products for at least 15 years and have found they do what they are designed for and now have maintained a good quality of hair for both of us.' .

Catherine from Dorset, says:

This client contacted us on 14th November complaining of severe scalp irritation, with lumps and scabs building up on her scalp, which were occasionally quite sore. She had been to the doctors and hospital for different treatments, but she said they didn't know what her problem was, although they tried treating it with various products, but to no avail. She had suffered like this for many years, used lots of different products, but found no help whatsoever.

She called us after seeing one of our adverts and was pretty low and fed up and wasn't holding out much hope. We advised her as best as possible giving her all of the treatment options available to her needs and emphazising that if she was able to give it a go, she really didn't have much to lose, as we were confident there was room for improvement. She decided to have a go and took a 'trial' size treatment to start off with and see how she got on. Her treatment was sent out to her the same day and she received a courtesy follow up call on the 21st November. She consented for us to write and use this on her behalf, her comments were as follows:

'I have done 2 washes using the treatments from Hairology and I am very pleased. My scalp is much better, with less irritation and flaking and the lumps seem much better. I will carry on and give consent to Hairology to write and use this on my behalf.'

Julia from Oxfordshire, says:

'Hey Guys! Have had a good look at the website, boy you have put some work into it, and it is so much more polished and professional - good on you! I do like the NO OBLIGATION message, so rare on any website - there is always a catch. Keep up the good work!'

Malcolm from Witney, says:

'I have suffered from an itchy scalp and occasional dandruff for years, and used other well known branded products, but found them too harsh and they only worked for a short period. Having discovered Hairology I know have solved my nightmare, and enjoy both the small of the shampoo and the results, thanks Hairology!'

Julia from Witney, says:

'When I lost my husband 6 years ago, the shock made my hair very limp & lifeless and was starting to fall out. I didn't think there was anything I could do with it until I found Hairology and it's naturally formulated products. Although there are so many products out on the market making so many promises, these products do deliver. I found a simple daily routine of shampoo/conditioner/lotion restored my hair to better than it's original condition; and coming from a family with parents both having fine hair, it wasn't an easy starting point!

Obviously it takes some dedication to add extra tasks to your day, but the payback was worth it; it put a smile back on my face and helped restore my confidence, I never realised how important hair is until this happened to me, we take so much for granted in life.'

Donna from South Devon, says:

'Brilliant products that really work provided by friendly, knowledgeable and experienced hair experts and delivered quickly to your door. Thank you Hairology for a great service.'

Diane from Scotland, says:
(This client ordered for the first time on 1st June and this email was received 6th June.)

'Hi, Thankyou for your email. I have used the products and my condition has completely cleared. Should I carry on using the products? Regards.'

Janet from Hull, says:

'Dear Sir or Madam, I am just writing this letter to say how impressed I have been with your HAIROLOGY CONDITIONER and the HAIROLOGY SHAMPOO. I have suffered from hair loss caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I never thought I would get any improvement but my hair and scalp has improved from the first time I used your products. It has made me feel more confident and, now that I at last found a suitable products, I will continue with it and I will be recommending it to my friends and my local Cancer Hospital. It is also nice that i can phone you anytime I want and you give me continued help and advice when needed.'

Jane from Sussex, says:

'I do believe I am at last seeing the benefits of using the Hairology products, I guess my hair was probably at the wrong stage of its "cycle" for any early benefits to show. I will need some more products next week, so will call you perhaps Monday/Tuesday to place my order. Thanks.'

Diane from Aberdeen, says:

'Hi, pleased to tell you products arrived in one piece with no spillage! I will start using them and let you know how I get on. Also would like to say how pleased I am with the products to treat psoriosis. I had a major improvement within a few days of using them. Can`t tell how chuffed I was with the results. Regards.'

Jean from Bucks, says:

'With regular treatments hair re-growth quickly followed. I now feel more confident, & thanks to Hairology, can face the world again.'

Diane from Scotland, says:

'Hi, Thank you for your email. My scalp problem has calmed & more or less back to normal. Myhair is looking much better & healthy. Thank you for the products I have purchased already. Regards.'

Jane from Sussex, says:

'Hair's looking good now, just like you said it would!'

Jean from Sussex, says:

'After daily use of Hairology products there was an almost immediate improvement, my scalp and hair are in excellent condition.'

Jane from Sussex, says:

'Hello. Yes parcel arrived this morning, as promised!  Thank you. Thanks for follow-up. Regards.'

Jon from Berkshire, says:

'Thank you for your email. The order has just arrived this morning. Quick service! Much appreciated.'

Jean from Sussex, says:

‘The natural, gentle formula of Hairology’s shampoos and conditioners has calmed my irritated scalp and given my hair a softer, fuller texture. I have no hesitation in recommending their products.’

Eva from Suffolk, says:

‘Please can I order your shampoo and conditioner, I am delighted with these products. Itching has completely stopped – hair looks and feels good. Thank you.’

Jean from Sussex, says:

'Many thanks for the prompt delivery – cheque is in today’s post'.

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