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If you are 'Worried about your Hair' and have any of the following concerns, we are confident we can help you:

• Hair Loss • Dandruff • Bald Patches • Thinning Hair

• Itchy Irritable Scalp • Dry Dull Hair • General Hair Care Advice

If you would like to:

• Reduce your hair loss

• Slow down and improve your thinning hair

• Clear your dandruff and dry flaky scalp

• Soothe and calm your itchy flaky scalp

• Have a healthier head of hair

• Have a problem free scalp

• Improve your self-esteem and feel more confident

Then, we are confident we can help you to achieve the very best head of hair for you. Only with regular, consistent and constant use of our specialist products and treatments, that have been specifically developed to improve and benefit all heads of hair and have been used on thousand’s of our client’s for over 30 years, will you achieve the desired results.

Treating hair and scalp problems is not an ‘overnight miracle cure’, it takes time, commitment and investment. But, if you are prepared to follow our advice and guidance, you can make great improvements. Just like:

Janet from Hull, says:

'I am just writing this letter to say how impressed I have been with your HAIROLOGY SHAMPOO and the HAIROLOGY CONDITIONER and the SCALP LOTIONS.

I have suffered from hair loss caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I never thought I would get any improvement but my hair and scalp has improved from the first time I used your products.

It has made me feel more confident and, now that I have at last found a suitable product, I will continue with it and will be recommending it to my friends and my local Cancer Hospital.

It is also nice that I can phone you any time I want and you give me continued help and advice when needed.'

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Customer Feedback & Comments

Peter from Ireland, says:
'My scalp has always been liable to dry itchiness and your shampoo and conditioner keeps it healthy in a way no proprietary brand has ever been able to do.'
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